CAL/OSHA Violation Defense

Kirk McAllister has defended businesses, executives and managers in Cal/OSHA matters since 2002. He calls these cases “sharks with no fins” because no one sees the likelihood that an accident investigation will lead to criminal charges.
In fact, if you have a fatal workplace accident, it will be referred to the Bureau of Investigations, the criminal arm of CAL/OSHA.
No one can predict when an accident will happen, but Mr. McAllister advises businesses to have a plan ready for that eventuality. In this situation a company’s normal responses will worsen the consequences. McAllister’s plan includes the all-important issue of how to handle the inevitable publicity that follows a fatal accident. When a company waits for the accident to happen without planning, the fast-moving events will guarantee that the response will be disjointed, ineffective and may even enhance the possibility that criminal charges will be filed!
When business owners and managers get Cal-OSHA citations, they do not envision criminal consequences, including jail. However, that is a possibility–in fact, Cal-OSHA now first investigates every workplace fatality as the result of a crime. Kirk McAllister uses his skills as a California Bar certified criminal specialist and his background as both a prosecutor and defense attorney to actively investigate and aggressively defend companies and executives when they face career-ending consequences at the hands of Cal-OSHA.