Jury Finds Policeman Not Guilty

April 16, 2013: In an important case in Merced County, Kirk McAllister defended a well-known police sergeant against charges of drunk driving. The Attorney General’s Office prosecuted the case, which largely consisted of the testimony of three civilian witnesses.

“McAllister zeroed in on one witness who testified that he and two others saw Pacheco drive up to his home the night of the DUI arrest.” (Merced Sun-Star, “Sheriff’s Sergeant Cleared in DUI Trial”, April 16, 2013, page A1)

Under Mr. McAllister’s relentless cross-examination, the main witness admitted that he had lied.

Mr. McAllister: And that was a lie? You have trouble saying that you lied, don’t you?

The Witness: The thing is I didn’t –like I said, I didn’t want—sure, I have trouble saying it.


Mr. McAllister: So that was kind of an agreement between the three of you?

The Witness: Yes.

Mr. McAllister: That you would lie, right?

The Witness: Correct.

The jury found the client not guilty, proving again why McAllister & McAllister, Inc. is “The law firm police officers choose when they are in trouble.”