McAllister’s Investigation Frees Innocent Man

Kirk McAllister, author of the Brady Book, represents Sandeep Singh, age 41, a businessman and farmer. On June 26, 2016 Mr. Singh was driving his distinctive-looking pickup truck in Modesto, California at approximately 4:00 PM. A 14 year-old girl reported that Mr. Singh stopped his truck as she was walking from a market, and that he chased her down, grabbed her and tried to kidnap her before she was able to get away. He was immediately arrested down the street and charged with kidnapping. Mr. Singh quickly hired Mr. McAllister to defend him.

Kirk McAllister began his investigation immediately by canvassing the neighborhood for surveillance cameras. His investigator obtained a surveillance video located on a church in sight of the area where the girl said she had been kidnapped. The video showed Mr. Singh’s uniquely painted pickup driving past the girl as she walked with her groceries, without slowing or stopping.

Next Mr. McAllister initiated a social media investigation of the girl. That revealed that she had set up a GoFundMe account 9 days before the reported kidnapping, for the purpose of paying for her return to her home in Arizona, since she was unhappy living with a relative in Modesto.

The prosecutor confronted the girl with Kirk McAllister’s evidence on January 31, 2019. The girl confessed that the entire story was a lie.

On February 6, 2019 Superior Court Judge Ricardo Cordova dismissed the case and made the finding that Sandeep Singh was factually innocent.

Mr. Singh is now truly a free man.